Imagination and stories

Posted on: September 6, 2011

I am so lucky because I am able to search my imagination to find story ideas and craft ideas.  I say I am lucky because I am in a wonderful position where I am completely relaxed and able to delve into my mind and retrieve stories that are waiting to be written and shared as books and puppet shows.

My stories are for children aged between 3 and 8.  They are written and illustrated specifically to enable them to be shared with either another child or an adult.  I also write the stories as scripts for short puppet shows so that children can become active participants in the stories.

Presently I am finishing two stories; one is an adaptation of the Gingerbread Man which was written with road, rail and water safety in mind for a finger puppet performance in front of mothers and children during ‘Well Being Week’ held by the Milnthorpe Family Centre.  The second story is ‘The Princess’s Tooth’ , which is completely original and is about the tooth of an unhealthy princess being sent on a quest to learn about being healthy so that he can be a brick in the Tooth Fairy’s wall.  This was performed in the form of a pantomime using glove puppets and music.

In both performances the children were completely involved and interacting with the puppets.  In fact the children were rarely quiet and if they were quiet I encouraged them to join in.  My aim in the performances is for the children to  actively participate and to be shouting at the puppets

'Stop stop' shouted Betty Bird as Gingy got near to the railway track

to help them with the story.  The performance is about 20 – 30 minutes long and lively, I give 200% and bounce around backstage having the time of my life feeling fantastic – especially if the audience is lively!!!

My story version of the performances are to enable them to be shared and discussed – just to let children confidently enjoy stories in a way that they feel comfortable.


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