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I have had this blog in mind for months now and haven’t posted because I  find the idea of thinking of cool and highly effective things to say very daunting.  I have no problems writing stories and scripts then rereading them and turning them in to puppet shows.  But what exactly to write on this blog perplexes me.  My business is eight months old and I have discovered that my customer base is actually national because I have been hired by The British Toy and Hobby Association, which is a London-based business to run a Princess Tale Party that was a prize in a competition in Haverigg.  Also I have had bookings from other parts of the country from people who are planning on having their weddings in the beautiful Lake District and require entertainment and childcare during the speeches part of the wedding breakfast.

I am completely aware that I have to improve my presence on-line because all of my customers have found me as a result of searching the internet and not because they saw an advert in a publication.  I am in the process of improving my website with my customer base in mind.  My customers fall into three main groups; nursery schools, parents of children between the ages of three to seven wanting fairytale themed parties and finally brides wanting to organise entertainment for children in their wedding.

I have decided to employ assistants using a supply agency, this means that the teaching assistants have already been vetted and all of the red tape has been covered so all I need is employers insurance.  From a parent’s perspective it means that their children will be under the supervision of qualified and experienced staff who are able to put their child’s safety first.  I am employing teaching assistants because we are a semi educational company and all of our productions and activities stem from the early years work.  All performance, stories and activities have been planned by me.  It is time-consuming but it means that I can change and adapt the work I have done to suit different needs.

Below is a photograph of the BTHA party – please note that we didn’t provide the balloons or the food just the smiles and entertainment.  The party was three hours long and started with a performance of my puppet show, ‘The Princess’s Tooth’ the children and the parents thoroughly enjoyed participating in the performance and so did I.  A puppet making activity followed and the first half of the party was rounded off by me reading ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ to the children, who were very enthusiastic and wanted to contribute.  After the children ate their party tea it was time for the disco, which involves making the children move and jump around as much as possible and playing various party games, traditional and new.  The party ended with pass the parcel – children still love opening the layers.  A fantastic days was had by all and I was buzzing with excitement after the party. Image


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