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My next pantomime is my own version of the Frog Prince, I actually wrote it nearly a year ago and just haven’t been satisfied with it in terms of being a pantomime.  So I have just left it and now have added more scenes to it to encourage audience participation.

You have to admit the story of the frog prince is very nice but quite bland and predictable.  I added Punch and Judy to the story last year but still wasn’t satisfied that it enriched the story enough.  After subconsciously thinking about my play for nearly a year I decided to add a twist to the story because I didn’t believe that a selfish prince could learn a lesson from being turned into a frog and then charming an innocent princess into kissing him.

The twist I included involved a clause in the curse that meant that the princess turned into a spider when they kissed.  Of course the only solution, as told by the witch, was for the prince to kiss the spider.  The prince being selfish and terrified of being turned back into a frog again refused and enlisted the help of a wizard and a fairy to use their magic to change her back into a princess again.  of course this was not the solution and she transformed into a wasp and then a ladybird.

The prince was still reluctant to help the princess until she decided that she was not going to be his friend any more and didn’t want to have anything to do with him.  Fortunately the prince really was in love with the princess and decided that he would rather her friendship than life without her, after all he was quite used to being a frog.  Of course the curse was lifted and they lived happily ever after.

I am also completing a version for my early years pantomime where the prince is turned into frog spawn instead of having Punch and Judy.  This means that we can look at the life cycle of a frog as well as characteristics of mini-beasts, making it an appropriate introduction or completion of a topic on mini-beasts.

Maybe all frogs are princes inside and unfortunately all princes may be frogs inside – just watch out when you kiss one.


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