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One of the best things I like about my job is spending time with people when they are celebrating the happiest times of their lives.  One of those times is during a wedding day, normally between the wedding breakfast and the evening celebrations usually during the speeches.  This lull seems to be the time that children need to be children and let off steam and parents need time to talk amongst themselves and think about their own enjoyment for a short time.

The type of entertainment we have developed combines entertainment and a crèche facility enabling us to supervising the children to ensure that they are safe and that we know where they are at all times – children tend to like to wander back to parents if everything is too relaxed.  One of us concentrates solely on the under fives while the older children have a more chatty and relaxed supervision.  It is essential to have two people supervising the children because you can’t stop a two-year old from wandering about when your hands are stuck up two puppets and performing a puppet show.

All staff members are either qualified and experienced teachers or teaching assistants because we believe that there should be no compromise when caring for precious children.  After the puppet show we tend to do a craft activity followed by something active, such as a search around the room looking for clues.  If the older children’s shoes allow it we also play on the spot moving games to get rid of the energy pent-up after sitting and eating a lot – we also do party games giving the children chance to warm up for the disco.  All activities are clean so that the children won’t return with paint, glue and glitter all over them.

Our role at the wedding is very much in the shadows, normally in a room next to the dining room – we are there solely for the needs of the children and rarely seen by the adults.  The children are so beautifully dressed and seem quite grown up, they always seem relieved to have a break and they sometimes ask about what types of things are said during the speeches and discuss the events of the day.  Children are treated in the way they act – if an older child requires a lot of help then they are helped and if a younger child is striving for independence then we assist them accordingly.  The oldest children will carry out activities relating to the theme but will be able to approach them in their own way so that they can explore their own ideas.  The children aged five and under will be given activities with the Early Years Foundation Stage in mind in order to develop their basic skills.  Most of all, the children will have enjoyed themselves and be refreshed for the next part of the day and so will the parents.

More and more people are including children in their weddings these days and are making sure that they have part of the day themselves.


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