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On Saturday evening I had the privilege of spending a fun evening entertaining a wonderful group of nine and ten year olds.   Normally my parties occur during the day with much younger children and involve a puppet show or craft activity.  This party was a much more grown up affair.

The first part of the party was spent playing good old fashioned parlour games such as; wink murder, twenty questions, truth or dare etc.  The children were encouraged to be dramatic in everything that they did and we did have OSCAR winning deaths in wink murder.  As the children warmed up and lost their inhibitions everything got sillier, livelier and time seemed to run out very quickly.  It was an absolute pleasure to have such fun with a bright vibrant group of children.

After a short refreshment break it was time for the disco – it was the first time that I had chance to see my disco lights flashing without the sun diffusing them somewhat.  The room had a small dance floor that seemed to have been made for the scope of my lights to fit in perfectly, we started with ‘Grease Lightening’ and graduated on to ‘Agadou’ and ‘YMCA’ – we enjoyed every minute – I thoroughly enjoyed having a great excuse to behave as I did when I was ten.  (I recall my mum, brother and I doing Agadou whilst watching children’s television during the school holidays).  I think that some of the parents enjoyed the excuse too because they joined in wholeheartedly.

We continued until party food time with air guitar, strike a pose (a fancy game of musical statues) and plenty of energetic dancing.  While the children were eating their food I wrote down acts they wanted to perform for the talent show in the last half hour of the party.  I was expecting everything that they wanted to do would be really grown up and aspiring towards teenage ideas, but no we had the pleasure of ‘Bob the Builder’, ‘The Wheels on the bus’ and ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ which was great. It was wonderful watching the children enjoying themselves and thoroughly appreciating  each others’ company.

The lovely thing was that the children were not in a rush to leave and asked me if there were any more activities that they could do.  I know that the children enjoyed themselves – I also enjoyed and cherished every moment of the party and will remember the personalities and the smiles on the children’s faces for a long time.


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