World Book Day.

Posted on: February 28, 2012

On Thursday it will be World Book Day and many children will be arriving at school dressed up as their favourite book characters.  They will then spend the day sharing books with their class and hopefully they will discover a book that they will remember for ever.

The book I remember discovering purely by chance was ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’ by Norton Juster.  I was in the library at primary school at lunchtime, which meant that I should have been outside playing or inside the classroom if it was raining.  I was pretending to tidy the bookshelves when I started reading a fascinating book.

It told the story about a boy who was very bored and received a tollbooth in the post.  When he set out the tollbooth his room filled with magic and adventure.  He met many different characters relating to stories, numbers and the clever use of words.

The book explores colours, time, numbers, sounds and many many more interesting concepts. As I have grown up I have experienced  the concept of the ‘doldrums’.  My first dip in the book was very brief because the mid day supervisor came in and told us to leave, I had to put this wonderful book back and do what I was supposed to be doing.

When it was reading time; I of course suddenly finished the book I was reading so that I could go and find the book I had to leave.  It didn’t take to long – I searched the part of the bookshelf I had dumped it in and found it with great delight and returned to the classroom with my spoils.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have bought it as an adult and still appreciated it.  I have subsequently lost my copy through various house moves but now that I have been reminded of it I think that I will either go to a library and see if I can find it or go to a book shop.

I hope that everyone finds a magic book sometime in their lives because the memory remains with you for ever.


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