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In my weird wisdom I decided that it would be nice to share my stories with everyone by reading them out and uploading the video on to YouTube so that I could embed it into my website.  Well I have recorded and uploaded three videos and cringe at the thought of watching them.

I seem to curl up inside like a snail when in front of any kind of camera and pull some sort of nauseous face which totally distorts my features making me look very uncomfortable in front of the camera.  I blame my father for this affliction, as he is a very keen photographer and has pointed a camera in my face at every opportunity since I was born, causing me to scowl more and more at a lens – I will appreciate the record of our lives in the future I am sure.

The stories are all original and are also puppet shows, I consider them to be at second draft stage because I don’t think that they are ready to be published in any form yet.  I will be doing a diploma in writing for children in the future to learn how to remedy this.

This is a link to the Story of the Month page of my website so you can have a look – I am still dealing with sound quality and may re-record them again at a later date.


When I used to watch the credits of children’s programmes I was always surprised at the number of people involved in enabling a twenty minute production to take place.  After writing and producing my own puppet shows I realise exactly why so many people are involved.

You would expect a twenty five minute puppet show to take twenty five minutes to organise, but no that is not the case for me. In order for puppet shows to be written, rehearsed, tweaked and be ready to be shared with an audience it takes me just over a year.

  • This is partially due to time restrictions – I have to spend time with my own child and nurture and teach him bad habits and all of that.
  • Secondly the show has to be written as a story first to give the whole idea structure.
  • Thirdly the story has to be adapted to be a script – all of my scripts are written with just two characters speaking at one time because I only have two hands.
  • Fourthly I have to read through the script to improve its comfort level.
  • Next I have to produce the accompanying sound track so that the performance has sounds, music and remains tight.
  • Then I have to alter the script to fit in with puppet changes.
  • A number of rehearsals take place.
  • I dream about the show for weeks and practise in my sleep.
  • Details of the puppet show is put on the website and on leaflets.
  • After every performance the script and show is reviewed and improved for next time.

I also have to make sure that my hands don’t get too hot during a performance because it makes it more difficult to put the puppets on quickly.  I write a script so that I can ad-lib and alter the show to suit the audiences needs.  Every performance is different and requires unique rehearsing – if the show is for a boy’s party I tend to focus on the insects and monsters and focus on the princess and fairy for a girl’s show.  You only have to attend a party where the children are dressed up – the girls are dressed in pink and sequins while the boys tend to wear costumes of many different colours.  Most girls dream of being a princess while boys want to be super heroes.

And being chief, cook and bottle-washer in Acepuppets the only name on the credits is mine – and boy the satisfaction and credit of a successful performance is completely down to me and I thoroughly enjoy claiming all of the credit for my work!!

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