Web Cameras and YouTube.

Posted on: March 5, 2012

In my weird wisdom I decided that it would be nice to share my stories with everyone by reading them out and uploading the video on to YouTube so that I could embed it into my website.  Well I have recorded and uploaded three videos and cringe at the thought of watching them.

I seem to curl up inside like a snail when in front of any kind of camera and pull some sort of nauseous face which totally distorts my features making me look very uncomfortable in front of the camera.  I blame my father for this affliction, as he is a very keen photographer and has pointed a camera in my face at every opportunity since I was born, causing me to scowl more and more at a lens – I will appreciate the record of our lives in the future I am sure.

The stories are all original and are also puppet shows, I consider them to be at second draft stage because I don’t think that they are ready to be published in any form yet.  I will be doing a diploma in writing for children in the future to learn how to remedy this.

This is a link to the Story of the Month page of my website so you can have a look – I am still dealing with sound quality and may re-record them again at a later date.


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