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I can’t believe it – a year ago today I was preparing for an interview with the local paper about starting my business.  Here I am a year later celebrating a wonderful year of adventure and great fun.

I spent nine months preparing the start of Acepuppets and realise that, as with driving, it is the beginning of learning your craft.  My education has been two-fold because I have had to learn how to run a business including, accounting software, marketing, website design, dealing with customers, and understand that cash flow is key to keeping the ship sailing.  Secondly I have had to let my ideas develop and shape themselves to fit the needs of my customers.

At first everything was nerve-wracking and sheer panic would grip me when I had a booking only to find that it was totally unnecessary and that my customers and their children were the loveliest people I have had the privilege to meet.  I am starting to relax into my job now and have a much more chilled out approach, it is very handy being able to seek advice from entertainers all over the country – I have had very kind advice from Glynn Edwards the famous Punch and Judy Professor in Brighton and Diane Goldie an entertainer in London who has performed in front of Natasha Kaplinsky’s children.

Acepuppets has really taken shape and has many elements, which are based around the ethos of ‘developing confidence through puppet shows, drama and craft’, The age range catered for is from Early Years to the end of key stage two.  I have identified areas where my expertise needs to be developed so that I can provide the best service possible.  I will be starting by doing a diploma in drama in education followed by diplomas in early year provision.

Presently I work very part-time because I have a fantastic little boy who needs me to spend time with him and give him the best start in life as possible.  I have planned that as Alistair’s education becomes more full-time so does my capacity to work and promote the business more.  Time is something I need to spend on the business in order to create and plan my ideas and this is done with a pen and a note book that I carry around with me everywhere.  I have made a conscious decision to take my time in planning every aspect such as drama clubs, craft clubs etc because to rush would compromise on quality and the success of my ideas.

I first wrote about coping with social networking on the internet and how I didn’t really know how to approach it – well I am getting better at it – I don’t sound cool yet but I am getting there and will probably be quirky rather than cool any way.

I am so looking forward to my second year and am even more excited than last year!!! I have a funday, weddings and parties to look forward to in the next couple of months



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