A Strange Move

Posted on: April 3, 2012

It was about four o’clock on an extremely hot Saturday afternoon when five Golden or Syrian hamsters were sleeping deeply.  Faces peered at them through the glass cooing and ah-ing at the sleepy breathing bodies.  One voice seemed louder and more excited as it penetrated through the glass.  A human was going to take one of the brothers home.  Harry, a golden Labrador coloured hamster, who was sleeping soundly in the food bowl became aware that the attention was directed on him.

The glass door was opened and the familiar voice of the shopkeeper chirped at them and blew gently in their direction.  Five cute creatures opened their eyes and stood on their hind legs. Harry was pointed at so he moved quietly to the corner to wait to see what would happen.  He was sure it was his turn to have a home of his own.  There was a hesitation when his prospective owner’s attention was drawn to his crinkly ears.  Once it had been ascertained that it would not affect his health he was placed in a little box with holes in.  He was still sleepy but very nervous, he didn’t know what to expect at all.

Harry felt as if he had been in the box for a lifetime and started to fall asleep.  His new owner was just getting his new home organised.  The box rose into the air and the light shone in as the lid was lifted.  He walked from the tipped box into his new home.  Admittedly everything was blurred and noises magnified due to his terrible short sightedness and precise hearing.

Harry no longer wanted to sleep due to his increasing curiosity.  He sniffed his way to a wobbly basket which was intended to be his nest but he rejected it because it didn’t make him feel safe.  He sniffed his way to his wheel and proceeded to run furiously on it.  It was a bit annoying really because his owner kept trying to attract his attention by stopping the wheel and putting on a ridiculously squeaky voice.  Adult humans were worse than children.

Thankfully he was left by himself for the evening so he could explore and run in peace.  Lights illuminated the building and the cage moved to another room.  All Harry could see was vast mountains of material then the cage door opened and one massive paw like thing lunged into his new space.  Harry defended himself in the only way he know how by baring his tiny needle sharp incisors and puncturing this irritating human’s finger.  It worked he was placed (or more accurately dropped) back into the floor of the cage.  Unfortunately the human was determined and tried again; this time she got him out of the cage but he dived splat on the floor and growling attempted to get away.  This get away attempt was scuppered by a huge leg resting gently on top of him and hands grabbing him.  As Harry was held in the awkward position of facing his human she wittered things about how they will get on.  He wiggled like a panicking fish out of water until he got his own way and was placed back into the cage.

Harry needed to go to sleep earlier in the night than usual because he had spent all afternoon awake.  He selected the chalet that he had to climb into as opposed to the nest because it was sturdier.  He slept soundly dreaming of burrows and other hamsters he could fight with.

Sleeping areas and toilets are generally easily mixed up when you are ill or drunk and if you are a confused baby hamster.  Harry liked his new toilet so much he filled it with bedding and sawdust so he could sleep in it.  Unfortunately the toilet wasn’t very dark or private so Harry was easily awoken by noise and human eyes.  His owner showed Harry to her friend during the day, he responded by growling until they left, this made them laugh not be considerate.

Harry didn’t make the same mistake again, firstly because the toilet was removed and he also saw sense.  He was given peace for the night and left to settle alone.

One evening Harry was caught and placed into a pink and transparent sphere.  He wondered what on earth it was and started cleaning himself.  Harry started to treat the ball like his wheel and proceeded to transport himself around the lounge.  First he bumped into a patterned material that interested him very much then he barged into a wooden plinth causing orange fish shape objects to swim away from the vibration, he had met the other pets in the house.  Harry didn’t get to know them because he wasn’t interested and besides they were in water.  Harry hated contact with his owner and finally got back into the cage and fell asleep in his chalet.  He dreamed for twelve hours, his dreams?

Well that is another story …


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