What happened to Cinderella after she got married?

Posted on: April 12, 2012


After reading a blog by, ‘The Unlikely House Wife’, about her children asking her what happened to the princess their father married after looking at the wedding photographs.  I started to think about my costume for a Fairytale party on Sunday and of course Cinderella.

I have a large pink flowery maxi dress that I tend to wear to dress up as a princess.  The dress looks exquisite in the wardrobe and the perfect attire for a princess.  However, whenever I put the dress on it transforms into unflattering mounds of material that tends to billow out in all of the places you would like it to conceal.  Thus resulting in me looking like Princess Fiona as an ogre rather than a delicate princess.

We all know from fairy tales that princesses are young beautiful creatures that  have delightful personalities despite being badly treated, they also scrub up rather well – Cinderella being a prime example of this.  Snow White was so beautiful that her handsome prince didn’t even bother to see what she was like as a person before he decided to marry her.

Most of us manage to be a princess for a day and have a wedding dress in the wardrobe as well as a photo album to remind us.  One thing that we all have in common with Cinderella and Snow White is that we all have done some housework and cleaning at some time in our lives.  Sometimes the dress hanging in the wardrobe feels as if it was part of a fairy tale that we don’t remind ourselves of often enough.  Family, work and being a responsible grown up takes a toll on the princess inside us all and she is confined to the tower forgotten because we don’t make time to treat her well.

As a rule fairy tales tend to refrain from telling us what kind of life the princesses lead after the confetti has been swept away and the glass slippers placed in a display cabinet.

What is Cinderella doing now?  Is she immaculately dressed in clothes designed especially for her?  Has she defied the ageing process and looks as young now as she did on her wedding day?  Has she swapped her glass slippers for towering heels  with a red sole?  Does she wear lots of bling (love that word), have tattoos and is covered in fake tan?

Or is she looking in the mirror inspecting her reflection wondering where the beautiful fresh princess has gone but hasn’t got time to refresh herself because her royal offspring are hanging on to her skirt with yoghurt and mud on their faces wanting to do the hokey cokey?  We may never know.

As for me – I asked my son if I looked like a princess and he told me that I looked like a sausage then gave me a huge kiss and cuddle!


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