A Supermarket is just as much fun as a theme park!!!

Posted on: April 19, 2012

I have discovered that my son finds going to the supermarket as exciting as visiting the zoo.  I have to admit that I don’t put him in in the trolley so he is free to roam around – yes I am the mother you saw today calling out ‘Alistair look where you are going, come here, stay near Mummy, no we don’t need all of those biscuits etc.’.  If we bumped into you toady I apologise for my relaxed parenting skills.

The first section of the supermarket my son found exciting was the clothing section, he very flatteringly told everyone that the photograph of a young beautiful blonde model was, ‘My Mummy’, which was sweet if not quite inaccurate.  However I did blush when he pointed up to a photograph of a model wearing a bra and pointed up shouting, ‘Boobies, boobies, look boobies Mummy!!!’, luckily I think only the bemused shop assistant heard him.

When we finally managed to leave the clothes section after a few laps around the shelves it was time to go for the big attraction – food!!.  Generally he is not too difficult to contain at first, as he wants to prove that he is sensible, once the novelty wears off he is off and meeting up with me at the end of the aisles.  He has started to growl at elderly ladies who want to talk to him because he looks cute and will say, ‘I don’t like that lady’, fortunately the ladies are a little hard of hearing and Alistair still pronounces words with a baby accent so nobody gets offended – I have to admit that I do find that embarrassing.

Paying for the shopping is often hair-raising with an active toddler, on this occasion I chose to use the express tills, where you have to scan and pay yourself.  Well that was hard work because while I was trying to concentrate on not scanning things twice or activating the not putting into basket alarm he was twirling about – luckily he is cute so everybody smiles at him, which makes him even more excitable.

Anyway we made it out of the supermarket in one piece, with me vowing to put him in the trolley the next time – but then I remember that he blows raspberries everywhere, grabs people and taps them on the bottom in a trolley so I don’t know which is worse.

Maybe I will stick to shopping on-line – much less stressful but not half as much fun!!!!!


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