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This post by LondiniMum caught our eye this week, making us laugh out loud and nod our head in agreement. It’s not all bunting and cupcakes at our house either!

So tell us – have you ever been guilty of any of these?!


In the midst of all this blogging and crafting and baking I realise I am at risk of coming across a bit Stepford or supermum. So, just to set the record straight – here’s five things a good mother probably wouldn’t do (but I have).

1)Β Skip the plate stage and put food straight on the floor.
Yes, I confess, desperate times have led to desperate measures (why won’t the buggers just EAT??), and anyway, they seem to prefer it a la linoleum.

2)Β Allow play with inappropriate objects just because it keeps them quiet.
β€œDon’t be ridiculous of course a 15-month-old shouldn’t be allowed…

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