You know when you are ready for your three year old to start nursery when …

Posted on: August 2, 2012

  1. You think that even Damien from the Omen is more angelic than your volatile three year old.
  2. You can only do work sporadically and with continuous interruptions.
  3. No means no – only it is your three year old who means it and manages to implement it.
  4. Your cute little angel fakes crying and has a voice like a fog horn in a busy street, shop, supermarket, anywhere there is no where to hide.
  5. You can’t remember your shopping list unless you write it down because of the whining, nagging and foot stamping.
  6. You look at the baby pictures and long to be able to chill out in your pyjamas during the day and the thought of waking up three times during the night sounds like heaven.
  7. Your child cackles like a witch and thinks it is really funny but it freaks you out.
  8. You get called a naughty girl and get told off by your own child.
  9. Stone throwing becomes an everyday occurrence.
  10. You hear silence from the bedroom after bed time and you are relieved because life has suddenly become much easier.
  11. You wonder how well you will get to know his teacher because she will say, ‘Hello Mrs Hunter, can I have a word please?’.
  12. You have to dye your hair every month rather than every six weeks.
  13. Suddenly every body is busy when you need a baby sitter.

Either the ‘Troublesome Threes’ is unpublicised or I should have read those blasted parenting books.

Alistair in the dog cat house


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