Olympics 2012

Posted on: August 12, 2012

I have to say that I have really enjoyed watching some of the events during the Olympic’s fortnight.  Initially I was a bit ‘bah humbug’  about the whole event in the light of the economic crisis and wondered if the cost to the country was worth it.

My attitude changed when I watched the dedicated sports people cycling, running, rowing, throwing and jumping for all they were worth.  Every single competitor entered every race with the intention of winning and did their best, this resulted in winners who made the race look effortless and people who may have come last but were certainly not losers.  I was most touched by the female competitors from Middle Eastern countries, who were covered in head to toe in garments,  running with the biggest beaming smiles on their faces because their victory was in being able to participate in a world event and not necessarily winning medals.

I was proud of everyone and interested to see that sports people, who are big competitors, can teach us all a lesson in being good losers.  Schools should be allowed to enable competitiveness as it drives people to succeed, they should also enable children to learn that you cannot always win everything and that if you tried your best then you can be proud too.

The Para – Olympics start on the 29th of August and I am already in awe of the competitors because these are people who have scoffed in the face of adversity and sent self doubt and giving up scuttling away into the abyss. I think that we have an awful lot to learn from the positive attitude of athletes and the hours of training they do to reach their high standards.

All competitors talk about how pleased they are to win and how all of the sacrifices and work was worth it, just going to show that we can all achieve our best if we are willing to work hard and show dedication to our dreams.

I have no idea what the financial cost of the games will be and wonder when the smile will be wiped off our faces by a negative GDP report; but at this moment I feel elated and proud of Team GB and all of the other countries who took part in the games.

Three Cheers for the Olympics!!!!

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