Always look on the bright side of life – Well done Great Britain!!!

Posted on: August 13, 2012


I felt so proud to be part of this little country last night while watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics last night.  It just highlighted a sense of humour we have that seems to have been lost a little in present times. The people who put the whole show together captured iconic aspects of life during the past fifty years – I am not talking about deep and meaningful icons that stuffy historians would consider to be icons but people who are icons to my generation.

The acts that were chosen reminded me of my early to mid twenties when London was my playground and I enjoyed the decadence of the era, it was like a walk down memory lane.  It felt like a big family gathering with Uncle Eric doing his party piece, cousins Take That and The Spice Girls doing their stuff and remembering relatives that were no longer with us such as Freddie Mercury (great to see Brian May take centre stage, as he has deserved to do for decades) and John Lennon.

The atmosphere must have been amazing with the jubilant competitors and the excited audience.  I really wished that I had been there because it really was something special.


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