Tree Fu Tom – Practical Magic!

Posted on: August 14, 2012

We are loving watching Tree Fu Tom at the moment.  My son has embraced the magic actions performed by Tree Fu Tom, a boy who magically becomes animated and has fun in a magic place call Tree Topolis.  He has a little Scottish sounding acorn type friend played by David Tennant, a Daisy Duke butterfly character, an inventing frog, two naughty mushrooms and a wise lady who wears bright clothes.

Every episode Tom has to use ‘Big World Magic’ to solve various problems, the spell is cast by doing a form of exercise that is reminiscent of ‘Brain Gym’.  Apparently the moves have been developed to help children with dyspraxia improve their coordination skills as they are based on the body being the central point and the arms and legs synchronised.  Obviously all children benefit from the actions and not only do they help with coordination but also with imagination because spells can be cast anywhere, a full post office, busy shop, quiet library, in fact anywhere you can cause maximum disruption.

It is a joy watching Alistair perform the spells and work with Tom to solve all of the problems in Tree Topolis.  Every episode teaches a lesson about how to either make people feel better, not to cheat and many more life skills.  It is a cute programme that makes you smile.


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