Skeletons and hard boiled eggs.

Posted on: October 25, 2012

Since my son started nursery in September I have discovered that, as a parent, I have to be ready to magic anything for the next day.  The first items I had to conjure up with an evenings notice was something green or pink for a Macmillan day and of course cakes for the cake stall.  Well my son doesn’t wear pink or green so we had to settle for my pink clown hat, which has disappeared never to be seen again.  Where the cakes were concerned, the last cake I baked was on a Friday afternoon in the home economics room when I was at school twenty odd years ago so I didn’t rate my chances at producing edible delicacies like lemon drizzle cake, carrot cake and the wonderful home made cakes the other mothers lovingly produced.  I therefore did what every self disrespecting mother would do and trailed off to the supermarket to buy some cakes – I didn’t go as far as to remove them from the box and pass them off as my own.  Every one else who had baked cakes were very understanding and I didn’t feel as if I let my son down completely – I guess the next sweet purchase I make this year will be mince pies.

The most recent note was referring to children wearing Halloween costumes and taking a hard boiled egg to school for the end of term.  Well my son does not have a Halloween costume and I am hopeless at boiling eggs without having to put salt around the crack and continuing to boil it in  the pan until it is actually cooked.  Anyway back to the costume, I must have looked horrified because one of the parents informed me that various supermarkets have good value costumes for little children.  I took the suggestion on  board but soon realised that I had forgotten to bring my bag with me so we couldn’t go to the shops – so I was going to have to produce a home made outfit for tomorrow.

When we got home I collected a bin bag, paper, sticky tape and double sided sticky pads and made like a Blue Peter presenter and involved my son in the making of his costume, (Which sounds lovely, idealistic and makes me sound like a sickeningly good mother but we spent most of  the time arguing and getting cross with each other so it was not that perfect).  

I decided that it would be a great idea to make a skeleton costume, using the bin bag for the black background. paper for the bones and I will paint my son’s face in the morning to finish the cobbled together skeleton look.  My son lay on the bag and I cut it into a T shape around him then taped up all of the edges.  the next stage was to stick the bones on. this caused the most squabbling because I ,wrongly, wanted it to look perfect (a pride thing) while my son wanted to do it himself but didn’t want to listen to where to put the ribs so we had a few tears and tantrums but eventually the costume was completed to both of our satisfactions and more importantly my son is very proud of his contribution.  He is very excited to wear it tomorrow.

The boiled egg – well that is lying cracked in the pan – I wonder where you can buy hard boiled eggs from um?    


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