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This is bit of a Mummy Brag as well as telling you about our search to find Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle in Furness Abbey.

A couple of weeks ago Gill Jepson, a local author, visited my son’s school and shared her stories with the children.  She chose to read her story about a gargoyle who happily flew around Furness Abbey at night with his friends.  His enjoyment came to an abrupt end when Henry VIII decided to destroy the abbey and all of his friends disappeared.  Poor Guy gradually became upset, grumpy and very unfriendly towards all of the creatures that tried to speak to him.

One day a spirited little shrew decided to ignore his grumpiness and tickled him so he laughed again.  They went on an adventure and found another gargoyle, one of his brothers, and they all lived happily ever after.

I think it is an absolutley delightful story and may contact Gill Jepson to see if I would be able to do a puppet show of her story.  Anyway I wanted to brag and brag I shall.  After the children in my son’s class had their visit they each drew their own interprtation of what Guy would look like and the pictures were put up for Gill Jepson to choose the best one and award them a book.  Alistair’s picture was chosen straight away and he was given the book, I haven’t see his picture yet but can’t wait to see it.

Well we read the book and I decided that it would be a wonderful idea to go to the Abbey and look for Guy.  Alistair was really up for the task and we dragged my parents along and we walked to the ancient ruin, only to find that it didn’t open unitl April, fortunately the monks had forsight and had built a guest house type building that is slightly away from the main ruin and was accessible.  We were very lucky and found lots of gargoyles.  We went to the Mill Cafe and found a huge lion statue and decided that this was the best gargoyle.

We had a wonderful time and intend to go back in the summer to explore the ruins and search for more gargoyles.


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