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I haven’t written for quite a while because life seems to have moved on so very quickly. My son is now nearly five and very settled in school and I am older, greyer and back in the adult world do adult things. I am starting to miss those care free days of taking our time to get out and just wandering around enjoying the joys of nature, instead mornings are fraught with having to make packed lunches and find socks – where do they go?


I think one thing I miss the most is walking to the local playground saying hello to everyone we walk past and enjoying life at the pace of an inquisitive toddler. When my son learned to walk a typical twenty minute walk into a marathon, particularly as he often liked to collect stones, twigs and explore dubious verges where dogs had visited.
The Simple Life

Having a young child helps you to appreciate the simple things in life and the opportunity to breathe in the atmosphere of the world. Everything to a child is exciting, new and anything that they cannot devise an explanation for is magic. Being close to a child who is bursting with imagination is exciting and fun.


I think that I became familiar with all of the playgrounds in my area and could choose which one to go to depending on the playground equipment available. The one nearest to us had very little playground equipment but it was still a lovely place to spend the afternoon never the less. I have video footage of my son at different ages on the springy motor bike – when he was tiny he could hardly fit his legs around the saddle but every year that goes on he becomes more vigorous and in the most recent videos he is shaking the bike and his whole body looks as if he is on a rodeo horse.  This photograph is of the playground near his school in Allithwaite where he now plays with his new friends after school giving me the opportunity to talk to the other mothers getting used to being their own person again.

george v alithwaite


Like all toddlers my son seemed to have this drive to challenge his fear and his physical strength. It was obvious that he was developing his balancing skills, whether it was on bales of hay on the estuary or on playground equipment in the park. Sometimes the greatest challenge was learning how to interact with other children and understand that playing with them meant that you all played a game you all wanted to play not just one he wanted to play.

School Holidays

Luckily there are the school holidays to enable us to resume our Swallows and Amazon days and walking to the playgrounds involves proper conversations about life the universe and everything. I enjoy the fact that my son is now his own person with opinions, memories and a cracking sense of humour. We both miss the baby years a little bit and do cuddle like Mummy and Baby – he will always be my baby – even when he is the same age as me and a grown man!


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