Loom Bands and Slides 1 Computer 0

Posted on: June 25, 2014

Deciding that the computer was getting too much attention we decided to give Alistair a sabbatical from it for a while.  Expecting him to find it a hard ship we thought that we had a bargaining tool to enable some kind of control over him – but no my crafty son decided that he had enough of playing Cbeebies  games and quite like the old fashioned activities that require the input of an adult or an other unsuspecting grown up who couldn’t a valid excuse as to why they couldn’t play with him.

This is when I was introduced to the new craze of Loom Bands – now obviously my five year old son was not going to sit for hours trying to work out how to loop these teeny tiny bands together to make a bracelet – no that was my job.  I looked at the instructions and held the tiny crochet needle in my hands and decided to discard them and do them my own way.  Now Alistair has twenty bracelets and keeps ordering that I make more so that he can have more than his friends, needless to say I am looking forward  to the school banning the pesky things so that I don’t have to keep looping elastic bands together for the rest of my life!

Another thing that my son enjoys over any pieces of technology is playing with other children, he thoroughly enjoys the time we spend in the king George V playground next to the school in Allithwaite.  The playground is cherished by the local community and has a very active committee that keeps it well maintained and safe for the children to play in.  Just recently they organised a Cross Bay walk to raise money to replace a basket swing destroyed by a fallen tree.  Hopefully the money required will be raised soon and the local playground equipment company Playdale will be able to replace the swing for us and fill the empty space in the playground.

cross bay walk

Alistair is really god at climbing up things but seems to require my assistance when it is time to get down and it attracts the attention of all of the other children who think he is cute and needs rescuing.  Luckily he is a slight child and still light enough for me to catch – I don’t know what I will do when he develops a huge appetite – I will just have to put a sleeping bag at the top of the slide and feed him until he is big enough to get down himself.  The issue is that he doesn’t like the green and red tube slide in the playground and refuses to come down it – if he did it would only take a second for him to get down without all of the unnecessary fuss.

allithwaite playground

I must stop procrastinating as I have orders for three bracelets and have to go and get my pesky son from the top of the slide – why can’t he be just a little bit more fearless instead of anticipating potential dangers?


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