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I don’t know about you but the thought of entertaining children for a whole six weeks can be pretty daunting to even the most dedicated parents. Not only do you have to consider what on earth you are going to do with your little darlings you also have think about how much money you are prepared to spend on entertaining them.  Before you blow all of your hard earned cash this summer here are some ideas that will help you to keep your offspring happy and leave you solvent at the end of the holiday.

A Walk in the Park or Country


If you live in the countryside then any wide open space is a potential natural playground, if you live in the city parks are just as good.  Children are most manageable when there are few restrictions on them and plenty of natural things for them to explore.  If you have a young child be prepared to take a carrier bag with you so that you can fill it with a large collection of stones, feathers and twigs – for some reason little ones love to collect them.  Older children will enjoy the challenge of longer walks and more difficult terrain – if you find a lake or patch of water on your travels then that is a bonus because water will keep children busy for hours.

Fifty Things to do Before you Reach 11 3/4

50 things

Supported by the National Trust in order to to encourage children to explore and learn how to appreciate the world about them.  If you click on the link you will be able to visit the dedicated website and down load the full list as a tick list.  The, ‘Things’, include tree climbing, rolling down a big hill, building a den, set up a snail race, make a daisy chain, walk barefooted, camp in the wild and many many more.  In fact you may find that it keeps you entertained because you can fulfil anything that you may have missed out on during your childhood!

Put on a Puppet Show


When your children are quite young they have a wonderful imagination that can take them into amazing worlds just by giving them ideas.  You don’t need a puppet theatre or puppets – just toys and something that can be like a puppet theatre.  Chances are children will have been learning about story telling at school and will love to tell you an epic story using their toys.  The stories tend to be epic and pretty repetitive at first and you can rest while they are performing making sure that you laugh when you are supposed to and are able to comment when they ask you questions about what they have been doing.

Visit Different Playgrounds


You will be amazed at how varied different playgrounds are even in a small area.  The type of playground equipment is different in playgrounds even in a small area.  Children just love the opportunity to play with other children and meet new friends.  If you go to a different playground everyday you can enjoy different experiences and the walk to get there.  If you live in the country try to get to a more urban playground and vice versa if you life in a town.  The great thing about going to playgrounds is that you can walk their and generally buy treats at the local shop and make the occasion last as long as you wish.

Get Crafty


Children love making things and are as happy sticking old boxes together as using expensive craft equipment from a shop.  You can choose to either have a structure approach where you have a lot of input and the end result looks pretty good or risk letting your child experiment themselves and produce something that is not as aesthetically pleasing but  has involved a great deal of learning in the process.

Your Children Want You!

What ever you decide to do with your children this summer remember they love being with you more than anyone else in the world so just enjoy spending time with them talking and reading and just being together!


So as I sit here typing this, the sun is shining and the view out of my window is glorious.  School is nearly finished for the summer and I’m sure many other people will be in the same situation as me and starting to question how am I going to keep a small child entertained all day every day for a whole six weeks?  It is a thought that is partly exciting when I think of all the new experiences and all the new things he will learn before starting school again in September but then the other part is wondering what are we going to do and how many times am I going to hear “I’m bored!”    We can’t be doing grand activities and trips every day as that’s just not feasible so sometimes it comes down to making staying at home fun and exciting.

Thinking back to my summer holidays as a child I only really remember being outside, riding around on bikes or doing somersaults down the steep slope in the front garden.  Nowadays it seems things have changed a bit and kids can’t play out as freely as we used to be able to. I’m hoping though that if the weather stays as it is right now, the garden will be the place to be.  We have a plain and simple swing out there at the moment but I’m wondering whether a small climbing frame or slide could be a good addition for the summer. Of course there are plenty of other games and activities for the garden that don’t have to involve any fancy equipment. Maybe a paddling pool could be a good idea? Actually, yes, I think I’ve just convinced myself of that, a paddling pool with some toys and maybe a water gun could lead to hours of self initiated play and if that means I can read the paper and enjoy a cold drink outside while I’m supervising then I will be happy too, though no doubt a splash here and there will also be included!  I’m always looking for ideas of simple games or activities that don’t involve too much preparation or equipment. I found a little list here of garden games which are the sorts of things I think I will be doing this summer – something creative, fun and involve a lot of running around to tire them out! Any other garden play suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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