Parenting Around the World

Posted on: August 22, 2014

So I recently read an article about ‘Incredible Lessons in Parenting from around the World‘ and I have to admit it was pretty interesting. We are so used to what is classed as ‘normal’ parenting wherever we are that you sort of forget other people do it differently. Some of the things on the list are almost funny but then I’m sure if we did some of them in the Western world it would cause a stir and most likely get a parent in trouble.  It was numbers 4 and 6 that really got me thinking.  They are both about giving their children a lot independence and trusting them (and other people) to behave as we hope they would.  I can’t imagine (and I’m sure a lot of other parents couldn’t either) letting my four year old go out and ride the subway or train by themselves.  If we saw an unaccompanied child of that age out alone it wouldn’t be long before they were picked up by the police or some concerned passer-by but that is what is considered normal in Japan for instance.  


Nowadays children don’t have as much freedom to run around the streets as we used to as things have changed.  It’s even quite unusual to see children allowed to visit the playground by themselves, yet in some places they roam free around the city or are left in the street while their parents go about their business, though that probably leads to them being pretty independent grown-ups pretty fast.  It’s just very interesting to see how the world’s attitudes to these things differ so much depending where you are and what you are used to. 

…I have to say that number 2 on the list – training babies to pee on command – would be very helpful indeed!

Having a child who eats everything would also be wonderful (number 9), meal times would be much easier!



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