Five Reasons Why I Could Never Win Mother Of The Year!

Posted on: August 27, 2014

assorted childrens sweets

I have now had the job of being Alistair’s Mum for five great years and now that he is old enough to entertain himself more I have time to reflect on my progress so far.  On the outside I am relieved to say that I look like a pretty competent parent, as Alistair looks and acts as normal as a five year old can be and I can pull off a certain degree of serenity and togetherness.  The truth however is a completely different story because my approach to parenting seems to be somewhat unconventional and lax to say the least.  I am going to share my short comings with the hope that I am not the only who is not perfect!

#One:- I Tell Lies

Not big sticky dark ones but light fluffy white ones that will make my life easier and stop that pneumatic drill noise that can accompany a situation. The lie I like the most is telling him that his sweets and chocolate have gone off and had to be thrown away – when in fact I have eaten them myself.

#Two:- I Let Him Cut Up His T-Shirts

I have always believed that the clothes a child wears should not stop him from learning and exploring the world so I buy second hand clothes and make use of hand me downs.  This means that he can get as muddy as he wants and paint all over him without me having any kind of funny turn.  Recently he cut up a couple of his t-shirts so he looks as if he has been attacked by a lion and I didn’t batter an eyelid.  he now realises that if he cuts his clothes up they are no longer wearable so he doesn’t bother any more.

#Three:- I Don’t make Him Eat Vegetables

As a vegetable hater myself I consider it hypocritical to make life hell by trying to force Alistair to eat food that he doesn’t like so I let him make the choice of whether he eats them or not.  Fortunately this has resulted in him trying vegetables because he wants to and my heart wells with pride when he happily eats tomatoes during family gatherings.

#Four:- I Let Him Stew At The Top Of The Slide

Alistair has always been more slight than the other children and is very baby faced so can get away with a great deal of sympathy from everyone.  At the end of term he had the irritating habit of climbing to the top of a very scary slide in the playground and being too afraid to slide down it – resulting in me having to help him down the steps.  Occasionally I would leave him at the top of the slide with the hope that he would come down himself but that never seemed to happen so eventually I had to show compassion and help him down.  I think he has been down the slide once and hated it!

#Five:- I Let Him Have A Messy Bedroom 

Alistair’s has a craft table, book corner, computer, television and lots of puppets in his bedroom and he plays in his room a lot.  Amazingly he enjoys drawing maps and writing stories either by hand or using the computer as opposed to mindlessly watching television.  His craft table is covered in boxes decorated with beads and other embellishments on them and he is very protective of his artwork.  His bedroom is one big creative mess most of the time and tidying only occurs when it becomes a health and safety hazard. I do not nag – every so often I lock myself in his room with bin bags and tidy up while watching his television and eating his sweets.

I have learnt over the last five years that parenting is hard work but rewarding at times and I don’t think I will ever get the hang of it!



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