Chocolate truffles

Posted on: September 12, 2014


Here’s a lovely easy recipe that is perfect for kids to make, especially as it involves getting a bit messy!! My daughter and I had great fun making these one rainy afternoon during the summer holidays. They would be a perfect gift for children to make for someone special.


For approximately 24 truffles you will need the following ingredients.

  • 150ml double cream.
  • 15g unsalted butter.
  • 300g chocolate – you can use white, milk or dark chocolate or even try a flavoured one, such as orange. Make sure you use good quality chocolate not cake topping or one with a low cocoa content.
  • Decorations of your choice. We used sifted cocoa powder, crumbled flake bars and sugar sprinkles. You could also use chocolate vermicelli, grated chocolate, chopped nuts, desiccated coconut or anything you fancy.
  • Some sifted icing sugar to dust your hands with.


  • A baking sheet.
  • Greaseproof paper.
  • A…

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