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We don’t have much play equipment in our garden. Other than a sand pit we never really have had. Is this wrong? My son’s new school friend is the proud owner of a (very impressive) garden climbing frame set. It comes complete with swing, slide and rope ladder, something quite like this one, and the kids absolutely love it. Everyday he wants to go round there to play, though if I allow him I’m quite sure that soon the parents will think we are starting to take advantage. It is a wonderful thing though, fantastic for the imagination as well – one minute it’s a pirate ship, and then it’s a cave and then they are climbing a mountain, it is rather quite fun to watch!

piarte ship

I’m not sure he’s a fan of the rope ladder but the swing is definitely popular, lower to the ground and something that can be held onto tightly. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting something for the garden in the past but then fear that as soon as it was there in his own garden he would lose interest in it (which is usually the way)….Maybe it would be best to just start with a swing and see how it goes from there!


On the school run this morning I realised that Autumn is here. There’s something special about a nice sunny, quiet Autumn day with a cold, crisp start to the morning and orange leaves on the ground. Just because the temperatures are dropping it doesn’t mean it’s time to come inside for the Winter. It’s great to fit in as much time outside before it gets either too rainy or too cold, which to be fair, in the UK could be anytime now.

Autumn is the time for dressing up warm and getting out into nature. Going out for a walk, jumping in the leaves, finding some conkers and then coming back for a hot drink indoors. Sounds pretty good to me. Conkers were always a big thing in Autumn when I was younger, it was the ultimate playground game with some of my peers taking it very seriously and trying out different methods to try and make their conkers superior! A row of jars filled with vinegar and conkers was a regular sight in my house, though I’m not sure it was actually proven to work! (Info on how to play conkers here if you are interested).

c onkers

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