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Since my last post was about activities to do indoors, on these frankly pretty cold and wet days, I thought I should even it out with some outdoor activity ideas!

Garden Playtime

Now not everyone is lucky enough to have some play equipment in their back garden but if they do they should be out having fun on it, carefully though if it’s wet!


Follow The Christmas Star

Hang up stars around the garden with activities written on them and clues to find the net star. The children have to run around on the star trail and complete the activities!

Star cards

Create Natural Decorations

Creating their own natural Christmas decorations outside can be great fun. Twigs and sticks are perfect for making stars when tied together with some string for a sturdy hanging decoration, or how about making Christmas characters out of sticks on the grass.


Snowball Race

Much like an egg and spoon race but instead use either a Styrofoam ball or a ping pong ball as the snowball and see who can go across the garden and back without dropping it!


A Present Hunt

Wrap up a pretend present and take it in turns to hide it somewhere outside giving ‘getting hotter’ or ‘getting colder’ clues while they search. You can even take it in turns to hide something in the box as a small prize!


Christmas Walk

If none of that is too appealing or hard to organise, there is always a good old Christmas walk where the kids can admire and look at everyone’s Christmas lights and decorations!


If the weather’s not so good (which it often isn’t in December in the UK!) there might be a lot of trying to keep the kids entertained inside over the Christmas holidays. So I thought I’d share a few of the little arty projects we have done in the past that have proved quite popular, plus they are all Christmas related so bonus points for that!

Paper Snowflakes

The classic paper snowflakes!. Most kids will do this at school as well but it’s something that is fun and requires a bit of skill. It’s great seeing them see what they have created when they open up the paper.


Making Christmas Cards

This is something we attempt each year for the families’ Christmas cards. Admittedly, some years we have ended up loosing patience, or at least the first few are masterpieces and then they steadily go downhill as we realise just how many there are to do!


Baking Snowmen

Really fun and easy to do. Simple biscuit recipe topped with a marshmallow and icing sugar!


Bead Candy Canes

This one will encourage some patience and hand-eye coordination!


Snowmen Feet

This could get a little messy so a firm grip on a child with painted feet is needed! It’s extra fun because it is personal to them, plus they get to get a bit messy in a way they probably don’t get to that much PLUS they can be creative and decorate their snowmen however they like!


Make Your own Snow

Now I haven’t tried this one yet but it looks like it could be really fun! Instructions here.

homemade snow recipe 1

For a few more ideas, check out this blog post and this website

The other morning before school, we had what can only be described as a small blizzard. I peeled back the curtain to see whether I needed to take an umbrella out with me for the walk to school (or if the wind was too strong for one to be remotely effective) and was met with a blanket of white stuff over the cars, trees and paths.

The snow obviously meant we had to make time for a quick play outside in the public playground across from the school. It’s amazing how a bit of snow transforms a place and makes it a different world almost.  Suddenly, a playground they know so well (although usually still fun and met with a good amount of excitement each visit) is a totally new and exciting place. What is it about snow that sends both kids, and adults too if we admit it, (so long as we don’t have to drive or travel anywhere as unfortunately we have to take a slightly more realistic and sensible approach to it!) a little bit crazy and very happy indeed?

Unfortunately as I look out of the window right now there are strong winds and a fair amount of rain so I’ll keep my dreams of a white Christmas fairly realistic at this point. Come on weather, you’ve got one week to produce some snow for us…but then make sure it disappears quite quickly please as I have to be back at work on Monday!


Oh, and I decided not to take an umbrella by the way…Oh, and also not to walk either!

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