Outdoor Activities For The Holidays

Posted on: December 20, 2014

Since my last post was about activities to do indoors, on these frankly pretty cold and wet days, I thought I should even it out with some outdoor activity ideas!

Garden Playtime

Now not everyone is lucky enough to have some play equipment in their back garden but if they do they should be out having fun on it, carefully though if it’s wet!


Follow The Christmas Star

Hang up stars around the garden with activities written on them and clues to find the net star. The children have to run around on the star trail and complete the activities!

Star cards

Create Natural Decorations

Creating their own natural Christmas decorations outside can be great fun. Twigs and sticks are perfect for making stars when tied together with some string for a sturdy hanging decoration, or how about making Christmas characters out of sticks on the grass.


Snowball Race

Much like an egg and spoon race but instead use either a Styrofoam ball or a ping pong ball as the snowball and see who can go across the garden and back without dropping it!


A Present Hunt

Wrap up a pretend present and take it in turns to hide it somewhere outside giving ‘getting hotter’ or ‘getting colder’ clues while they search. You can even take it in turns to hide something in the box as a small prize!


Christmas Walk

If none of that is too appealing or hard to organise, there is always a good old Christmas walk where the kids can admire and look at everyone’s Christmas lights and decorations!

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