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It wasn’t until I studied the development of reading in order to ensure that my son was ready to read that I realised how important the ability to listen was.


For many years I used to wear a bum bag with all of my essential items – even a urine sample from my cat to take to the vets but that is a different story.  That was until I met my husband and he decided that I needed refining and bought me a number of handbags unleashing a temporary surge in receiving handbags as presents from relatives and buying handbags because they went with a certain jacket.  This handbag epidemic has resulted in the drawer in my bed being stuffed full of bags that I no longer use and are starting to smell a little unloved.

I have practically rebelled against carrying any type of bag after I didn’t have to carry nappies, baby wipes and bottles around.  For a short while I reverted back to a bum bag but now I am back in work I am quite tempted to buy a new bag. While searching for a perfect bag it has become apparent that we get emotionally attached to the bags we buy and if they are looked after well they will last a lifetime.  When I think of long lasting bags I always consider leather to be the most obvious option simply because I really like the smell and the texture and a good quality leather bag always looks good even when it is battered and old.

I have an old very battered satchel that I bought in Sorrento over a decade ago and still use it to carry documents, however it is very rigid and not really made for the gadgets we carry these days.  I am considering buying another leather satchel but this time it will be made of softer leather and be a little bigger.  Whilst searching for bags online I came across the brand Rowallan of Scotland who have produced a variety of beautiful handbags made from high quality leather.  I particularly like the satchels they have designed and the fact that they are made from soft leather. The best thing about the is that they are affordable and the prices don’t make me feel nauseous.


If I had loads of money to burn then I would probably look at buying a Cambridge Satchel partially because if the Google Plus advert is correct the company was started  on a kitchen table and simply because they are undeniably gorgeous.

Saddle Leather Work Bags

If you can’t afford the £200 + price tag then you could buy an Iphone 6s case instead.

Maybe I will just look at my bag drawer and dust them off and fall in love with them again saving myself loads of dosh!


The more active a parent, the more active the child.

Makes sense I suppose doesn’t it? Your child’s exercise levels are directly linked to your exercise levels.

I found this article about a yoga buff who does yoga poses with her little daughter. Now I’m not sure if this is a regular thing but those photos are adorable and it looks like they have a lot of fun. However, unfortunately, it may be the case that not all of us can a) get ourselves into those positions b) have a photographer on hand to capture the moments c) have time in the day to slow down and relax enough to do some yoga…and also d) a co-operative child!

Have a look at all the photos below…


But it’s definitely fair to say that a little bit of exercise can be slotted into a daily routine in some sort of format. Even if it is just a walk to the park, a session running around in the garden playing on the swing or the slide maybe, a quick trip out on the bikes or a dance session in the living room!

…I’m off to get a yoga mat I suppose…

When watching kids play on the playground equipment at school inevitably there will usually be disputes for one reason or another (between the kids that is not the parents!) Maybe over something small, maybe over something slightly bigger. Sometimes they sort themselves out and sometimes it’s time to run over and get mummy or daddy to sort it out. It just got me thinking about sharing and the process kids go through when learning to be generous to others.

I have read that you shouldn’t really expect a child to share before the age of six, because before then they are not really capable of true empathy towards others.Toddlers and preschoolers go through that ‘it’s mine stage’ as they become more independent.

I think the main things to remember when going through that stage are not to force sharing. If a child is very attached to something of theirs respect that whilst still encouraging and setting an example, making a point of sharing things with them. Playing sharing games can also be great practice!

On a little side note, while researching the topic of sharing I little came across this which i thought I should share with you guys just for fun – A playground for adults! What a great idea…why should kids have all the fun?!



You know what they say,  those who give up smoking are the really anti smoking, the same can be said of education.  Since I gave up the annoying habit of trying get children interested in full stops and capital letters when they wanted to do something more interesting instead, I have become so anti education system.  I surprise myself at how I look upon it the same it was depicted in the the Pink Floyd video, ‘Another Brick In The Wall’, my revulsion of the system has intensified since having my son and seeing him getting used to Literacy hour and Numeracy hour.

My son goes to a great school where dinosaur eggs and fairy rings can be found in the playground, all of the children are allowed to be themselves and flourish in a small environment.  All the teachers are dedicated and the headteacher likes to get dirty (muddy) with the kids.  The other parents are great and there is no playground or birthday party politics to worry about so in essence everything is pucker.  The only spectre on the horizon is the impact SATs test results have on the school’s OFSTED grading.

It is amazing that the two worst parts of the education system have been reduced to a six letter and three letter acronyms invented by a whole load of toffs that have never experienced children as anything but statistics in long winded reports.  I know they the value added bit so that schools cannot coast any more and low achieving schools can show improvement but the statistics don’t show the things that really matter.

Most parents don’t really give a toss about SATs results because to them their child has achieved so many great things already and the fact that they are still young when they take the tests doesn’t really reflect what they are capable of achieving later on in life. SATs must be the only test that children take that doesn’t reward them with tangible success, if you do well in your GCSE’s you can do A Levels you are interested in, if you do well at A Level you get to the university you want, if you do well at university you increase chances of getting a better job and earning more money.  In reality believing that passing exams alone is going to make you successful is bunkum Bill Gates’s classmates who were good at exams ended up working for him.  Richard Branson was more innovative than academic and Jamie Oliver was a special needs child due to being dyslexic.  They are all millionaires so not doing well at primary school has no real indication of what you are able to achieve.

I completely believe that children should be educated and consider that the social and routine experience of school is as important as the academic part.  The thing that I find difficult to swallow is how children are suddenly expected to develop in a linear fashion when start school as opposed to the opportunistic way I thoroughly enjoyed when my son was younger.

This wonderful infographic by Playdale Playgrounds reminds us how much a child learns through play and that the only levels that they need to be concerned with are the height of the slide.

The Effects Of Play On Child Development


I have to admit that when it comes to the Christmas holidays I am the laziest person on the planet.  I revel in the luxury of not having to do the school run slalom and motivating my son to hurry up so that we can get to school without crashing into anything.  So yes I confess I spent a lot of time during the holidays lying in bed and wandering around in pyjamas.

One morning I was awakened from my lie in by someone doing a survey about how much exercise I had done during the past couple of weeks.  I was too drowsy to fob her off and she sounded too nice to hang up on so I had to engage in weaving a huge web of  fitness lies.

By the end of the survey I had informed her that I had spent at least an hour walking everyday on a variety of terrains, I had eaten three pieces of fruit and five pieces of vegetables and that I spent a lot of time outside because I lived in the country. The only real element of truth was that I lived in the country – the rest of it was deep black guilty lies.

After feeling ashamed of myself for about five minutes I decided to look for inspiration on how I can improve my family’s health so that maybe I can tell the truth next time I am interrogated on the phone.

I had a look online to see if I could find some inspirational sites that would instruct me on how to live a much healthier approach to life but they were generally too overwhelming, serious  and quite frankly put me off.  The last blog I looked at was from the Playdale Garden site where their advice was much more friendly and I particularly liked the suggestion of having fun at the very bottom.  Yes they mentioned exercising and eating the right types and amounts of food but they didn’t lecture and get me reaching out for the Christmas chocolates.

I think that maybe the first resolution I should make is not to lie to people – but where is the fun in that?

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