Lying Through My Teeth!

Posted on: January 20, 2015


I have to admit that when it comes to the Christmas holidays I am the laziest person on the planet.  I revel in the luxury of not having to do the school run slalom and motivating my son to hurry up so that we can get to school without crashing into anything.  So yes I confess I spent a lot of time during the holidays lying in bed and wandering around in pyjamas.

One morning I was awakened from my lie in by someone doing a survey about how much exercise I had done during the past couple of weeks.  I was too drowsy to fob her off and she sounded too nice to hang up on so I had to engage in weaving a huge web of  fitness lies.

By the end of the survey I had informed her that I had spent at least an hour walking everyday on a variety of terrains, I had eaten three pieces of fruit and five pieces of vegetables and that I spent a lot of time outside because I lived in the country. The only real element of truth was that I lived in the country – the rest of it was deep black guilty lies.

After feeling ashamed of myself for about five minutes I decided to look for inspiration on how I can improve my family’s health so that maybe I can tell the truth next time I am interrogated on the phone.

I had a look online to see if I could find some inspirational sites that would instruct me on how to live a much healthier approach to life but they were generally too overwhelming, serious  and quite frankly put me off.  The last blog I looked at was from the Playdale Garden site where their advice was much more friendly and I particularly liked the suggestion of having fun at the very bottom.  Yes they mentioned exercising and eating the right types and amounts of food but they didn’t lecture and get me reaching out for the Christmas chocolates.

I think that maybe the first resolution I should make is not to lie to people – but where is the fun in that?

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