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Here is Alistair’s Mine Craft Design Using Paint.

Despite being a bit dubious about how technology can negatively effect our children my son has inherited a liking for playing on the computer.  It is hardly surprising that Alistair is a budding computer nerd as both sides of the family are guilty of being computer geeks.  Since Alistair has been able to read he has been able to navigate the Cbeebies site like a pro, he can either be found watching, ‘In the Night Garden’, on the Iplayer or indeed playing computer games on the CBBC site – his favourite game seems to be the game builder where he adds blocks to a simple platform game to make it easier.  He also likes using the Paint programme to draw maps so that he can go exploring with my parents when he stays with them. The best piece of work he  once he wrote ten jokes using a Word Document – the typing was great but the jokes were not funny how ever hard you tried to make them.  He does like to play with real things too and can often be found on the bedroom floor surrounded by large pieces of paper with maps drawn on them.

Once the maps have been completed Alistair likes to go out into the garden and follow his maps – at the moment he seems to draw maps and fit the garden into them rather than looking at the garden and drawing a map of it.  This is another interesting insight into how a young child interprets the world around them.  Alistair’s imagination is amazing, I absolutely love it when gets into the fantasy zone and suddenly the real world become his world and anything is possible.  Even more amusing is when I try to join in and he informs me that the invisible dog I have been chasing doesn’t actually exist.  For a while, when he was at nursery, he had invisible versions of all of his friends so he could be heard having running races with; Corvus, George, Harry and Charlie.  Now of course he prefers to play with real people and enjoys school for social reasons and attends after school clubs so he can continue playing.

Ever since Alistair was very young I have turned to nature to entertain him in the garden and on the estuary, it is amazing how many natural toys you can find in the garden and the different objects a pine cone can be.  I detect a great trend towards natural play, which is quite apparent with the rise in forest schooling during the school week.  If you can get your child interested in playing with natural objects and surroundings then they are guaranteed to have toys with them where ever they go.  If you are short of ideas there are many sites on the internet that will give you good ideas as to how to entertain your child outside.

Here is a list of some good activity sites you could try:-


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