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For many years I used to wear a bum bag with all of my essential items – even a urine sample from my cat to take to the vets but that is a different story.  That was until I met my husband and he decided that I needed refining and bought me a number of handbags unleashing a temporary surge in receiving handbags as presents from relatives and buying handbags because they went with a certain jacket.  This handbag epidemic has resulted in the drawer in my bed being stuffed full of bags that I no longer use and are starting to smell a little unloved.

I have practically rebelled against carrying any type of bag after I didn’t have to carry nappies, baby wipes and bottles around.  For a short while I reverted back to a bum bag but now I am back in work I am quite tempted to buy a new bag. While searching for a perfect bag it has become apparent that we get emotionally attached to the bags we buy and if they are looked after well they will last a lifetime.  When I think of long lasting bags I always consider leather to be the most obvious option simply because I really like the smell and the texture and a good quality leather bag always looks good even when it is battered and old.

I have an old very battered satchel that I bought in Sorrento over a decade ago and still use it to carry documents, however it is very rigid and not really made for the gadgets we carry these days.  I am considering buying another leather satchel but this time it will be made of softer leather and be a little bigger.  Whilst searching for bags online I came across the brand Rowallan of Scotland who have produced a variety of beautiful handbags made from high quality leather.  I particularly like the satchels they have designed and the fact that they are made from soft leather. The best thing about the is that they are affordable and the prices don’t make me feel nauseous.


If I had loads of money to burn then I would probably look at buying a Cambridge Satchel partially because if the Google Plus advert is correct the company was started  on a kitchen table and simply because they are undeniably gorgeous.

Saddle Leather Work Bags

If you can’t afford the £200 + price tag then you could buy an Iphone 6s case instead.

Maybe I will just look at my bag drawer and dust them off and fall in love with them again saving myself loads of dosh!


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