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Is it my imagination or does Christmas seem to get earlier every year?  As a child I used to get so excited for Christmas that I would be sick while waiting.  Now of course I can hold my nerve and the passage of time has made me much less excited about the big event.  Now Christmas is one big to do list that must be completed by the 25th of December or else.

At the moment I am ticking off the PTA Christmas Fair list and have discovered that who ever devised the way we contribute to the stalls must be really good with money because we buy; three items for a hamper, a prize for a tombola and sweets to fill a plastic cup.  Then we buy; tickets so we can try to win a hamper, tickets to win a prize on the tombola and buy our sweets back.  On top of all of that we have to bake cakes – I think I will just buy some and sprinkle them with icing sugar.

Another to do list is making sure that I have organised Alistair’s Christmas presents so that he gets everything that is acceptable for him to have without either spoiling him or ruining his life because he didn’t get the desired piece of plastic he forgot to ask for.  I think I have got it sorted – it is just a matter of tying up lose ends. He is having more inside presents this year and maybe we will look into buying a child’s climbing frame for him next year, but you just never know what the next big thing may be.

I am in the process of trying to be really inventive with Christmas presents I buy for family members and have gone down the home made route in the past but I think people actually prefer mass produced stuff from China or really expensive items that I am not prepared to buy.  I will get there in the end and we will all pretend that we like our presents and put them away until the next Christmas Fair to be used as a raffle prize – only joking!

Christmas cards are one of those things that are becoming increasingly expensive to give – certainly you can buy loads of cards for a cheap price but the cost of a stamp just makes sending cards remarkably expensive.  Am I sounding like Scrooge yet?  I also manage to think about them in good time and then get a guilty conscience and send loads out.

Buying a present for my husband has to be the most difficult task on the planet, not only is he difficult to buy for he is also difficult to please and finds it virtually impossible to hide his disappointment when it is a bad choice.  No doubt I will probably miss the mark and choose something wholly inappropriate.

This Christmas we have decided to have a toned down affair and spend it quietly as our small family so thankfully Christmas day will not be too frantic and I will be able to spend time with my boys.


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