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Celebrate the small victories. Have they been fed? Put to bed? Are they clothed at all? {Dirty, clean, matching…it doesn’t matter.} Are they chattering, smiling, maybe even singing? If the answer is yes to any of these, you’ve done something right. Scooper.

Sometimes at night I dream that my son looks underfed, dirty and is really unhappy because I haven’t looked after him properly.  I think that this may stem from the fact that his umbilical cord was very narrow causing him to be tiny at birth and for many years he only tended to eat until his tummy was full.  Everyone always commented on how small he was and I really felt as if I was failing in some way because I didn’t try to force him to eat more than he could manage. His small stature meant that although he had all of the motor skills necessary do do things he didn’t have the strength or height.  I overcame this hurdle by waiting until he felt ready to do things – such as using the toilet instead of the potty or climbing up climbing frames.  He was never behind -just left it until the last minute. He has finally started to catch up with his peers and no longer stands out as noticeably smaller – also he uses words like starving, his appetite has finally exploded and he gets wakened by growing pains which is fantastic.

My son never looked like Oliver Twist and except for the minor little things that upset young children like; having to go to bed, me not letting him have the contents of Amazon’s warehouse or asking him to tidy his bedroom, he is a happy little boy. I often wonder if other mothers have dreams like that or it is just me being weird. Alistair is a cautions child which means that he will eventually be able to climb to the top of play tower and use the slide but not as quickly as some of the younger more daring children.  Luckily my son doesn’t get bothered about admitting that he can or can’t do something and seems to anticipate that eventually he will be able to do it.

All children are different, as are all mothers, they way my friends bring up their children will have similarities but will have many fundamental differences due to our own life experiences.  Alistair often claims that I am not very caring when he falls over and hurt himself compared to other mothers who rush to stop the tears.  This probably stems from me having to deal with other people’s children and trying to chivvy them along.  I also continuously do risk assessments of what my son is doing in my head with the intention of letting him takes risks in safety – sometimes this looks as if I am just letting him walk into danger when in fact I am ready to pounce like a cat to stop him from hurting himself too much.

I put the quote from a blog by Lisa Jo Baker because it made me realise that all our children want from us is for us to be there and deal with their basic needs.  One day we will solve our odd sock problem (I have a pack of seven new ones that I bought for the new term but have lost them already) and maybe he will stop being Oliver Twist in my dreams.


When writing stories for the very young you don’t have to look much further than your own back garden for inspiration for magic because nature is the forgotten magic we take for granted.

As you may have gathered my son who is not yet three has been one of the greatest inspirations in my life because he has given the opportunity to see the joy of life through open eyes again.  Toddlers are marvelous at pointing out things that stay the same and are intrigued when things change.  It is like going back in time to when people invented reasons for natural events like the rain and the sun fading at night.

When we go for a walk on the estuary you and I may see washed up rubbish but my son sees treasure and fascinating objects.  De – frosting the car is also amazing because the frost turns into water and that is amazing.  Rainbows are amazing, especially when they are caused by a glass photo frame in the house.  Spiders are scary but even more fantastic because they shed their skin.  When the sky is blue and the sun is shining that is fantastic.  Snow is amazing because you can make magic snowmen.

If you imagine seeing the world from the eyes of a two-year old you see the beauty and appreciate nature and take an interest in birds, bugs and puddles again.  My son is always muddy and jumps in puddles – he also enjoys the challenge of walking along hay bales and showing how well he can balance.

I day-dream a lot these days and see magic in everything – my gran used to appreciate this magic and would often tell us tales about fairies and show us places that looked like good fairy homes.  I see the magic now and write it into my fairy stories and my gran lives for ever in my mind. I am old enough now to have experienced the real world and all of the positives and negatives relating to it but once in a while it is wonderful to transport yourself to the magic world around us – it doesn’t cost anything and it can make you smile from deep in your heart.

Very young children seem to naturally personify everything so all objects have a personality – my son is intrigued by owls and has a favourite owl soft toy he sleeps with at night – obviously this owl has stopped being nocturnal for the time being.

When my son sees puppets he knows that they aren’t really alive but runs away when he is being chased by one attached to me and he likes chasing back.  We have a pop up book of the Chronicles of Narnia – Alistair has always been fascinated and scared by the big pop up picture of Aslan.  I can’t wait to share the full story with him when he is old enough – at the moment he is too busy living his own life story to sit still for too long.

The real magic is actually inside us and has probably enabled people in awful situations to survive with their mind in tact.  Without imagination there is no hope, dreams, ideas and inventions.  Sometimes imagination invents the object that we have to find the technology to achieve it – an example of this would be the ability to watch videos and see people on your phone – like communication in Star Trek.

Everything we watch, touch, read, use and see has been invented by some body who was probably day dreaming and had a sudden rush of genius resulting in something that changed the world. Of course this leads to the question of who invented nature?  Once in a while try to be a toddler and rejoice in the simple magic around you – jump in puddles, roll down sand dunes or get so muddy that you have to get undressed before you go into the house.  The world is magic and beautiful – enjoy!!!

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