What Kind Of Mummy Bag Do You Have?

Posted on: May 27, 2015

When you become a mother for the first time it is really quite amazing the changes you have to make to accommodate the little bundle of joy, who is tiny but requires the same amount of luggage as a Hollywood Diva.   The one thing I noticed that was affected by having a baby was the type of handbag that was most practical to use when being responsible for prams, car seats, changing bags and bags with toys in them.

Before I met my husband I was very much a bum bag type of person, which made look pretty nerdy and far to practical for my own good.  In the time between meeting my husband and having my son I had started to use proper girly handbags and filled them up with essential items that I thought I may need but in reality never used.  A few days into my new role as, Mummy’, I soon discovered that a handbag you held in your hands was completely impractical, partly because you need all of your hands to do the job and also I just kept forgetting to pick it up when we went anywhere.  Another thing was that I never managed to brush my hair or put any make up on so a traditional handbag was pretty redundant.

I forgot about a bum bag being a fantastic alternative (baby brain) and went in pursuit of the perfect bag for me.  Initially I just stuffed my few essential items like a phone or purse in the baby changing bag because that was easiest.  My baby changing bag was not as glamorous as some you can buy but it did the job.  We used to joke that a large laptop bag would be perfectly adequate for carrying baby things.  I tried a smallish cross over bag, which carried hardly anything but was useful  and I rarely forgot it.  After that I settled upon a leather back pack, which did the job and carried almost everything I needed.

Now my son is 6 years old and can carry toys and blankets in his own bag I use a very simple flight bag with just my phone, purse and camera in it.


I have never really gone back to using girly handbags simply because I dislike carrying too many possessions around.  A small bag is liberating and like a medal saying, ‘Congratulations you have survived the baby stage – now get your life back!’

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