A Merry Dance At Bedtime!!

Posted on: April 18, 2012

Our bedtime routine has become quite a performance recently. My son seems to have got the beat flowing through his veins and likes to dance as if he is attending a rock concert before story time. He shakes his head and waves his arms about as if Iron Maiden is on the stereo when in fact it is Justin Fletcher or Mambo Number Five. Story time has become a bit of a performance too as he likes to act out the stories as they are being told.

I only have myself to blame for the regular evening entertainment we now experience. It has always been my belief that if a child can confidently use the whole of their body and know what parts of it can do this confidence can be transferred to everything they do. So when he was a little dot doing the side to side dance (you know the one where they rock from side to side without bending their knees) we wholeheartedly encouraged him to get into the groove.

Now as soon as he hears the beat he is off, it doesn’t matter if it is in a supermarket, cafe or even a church. I witnessed his overtness when I decided to join him and his childminder in an Easter service held by a local school in a church. Every time they sang a lively song, Alistair started dancing in the aisle with the kind of ecstasy that only a toddler can muster. He was the only child dancing because the rest were either slightly older or part of the school group. Everyone responded so positively and were quite impressed – I just couldn’t stop smiling.

Once we have done the dancing and put on more relaxing music it is story time. We go the reading corner with cushions and a rug, which is placed adjacent to his bed so that he has been exposed to books since the day he could focus. Our favourite books are ‘The Rainbow Fish’, ‘The Gruffalo ‘, ‘The Smartest Giant In Town’ and ‘Dogger’.

I actually vividly remember having Dogger read to me for the first time in reception class. The class teacher Mrs Murrel read it so wonderfully that I can recall the sheer devastation I felt when Dave lost Dogger and even more so when the little girl bought Dogger. How relieved I was when Dave’s sister swapped her huge teddy for Dogger. Alistair likes to pretend to cry when Dogger goes missing and rejoices when Dogger and Dave are reunited.

Now it is time to wind down after all of the excitement with reading a quieter story without acting it out and finally settling in bed. I have discovered over time with working with children that I am superb at getting them excited and lively but not so good at making them sit down quietly.


2 Responses to "A Merry Dance At Bedtime!!"

Oh I remember Dogger so well from when my son was young! Not heard of “The Rainbow Fish” must look that one up for my nephew 🙂

It is a beautifully illustrated story about a fish with silver scales who is proud of being the most beautiful fish in the ocean but is lonely. He is told to share his scales with the other fish, which he does reluctantly and makes lots of friends making him the happiest fish in the ocean. The author is Marcus Fischer.

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