Fairies in the Belsfield Hotel Bowness

Posted on: August 14, 2012


We went to Bowness on Windermere today and I decided to pass on the secret knowledge about fairies living behind the gate to the Belsfield Hotel opposite the lake.  My Gran told me this secret thirty odd years ago and I have kept it all of my life.  Anyway today I told Alistair, he was delighted and wanted to go and look for them straight away.  We went to buy an ice cream and looked around the shops for fairies and found a tiny little fairy in the British Heart Foundation Shop and then walked back to the gate and tip toed in.  We looked all around for the fairies but they were sleeping in a locked building in the grounds, Alistair had left his magic keys at home so we tried knocking but nothing happened.

Eventually we decided to sit on the grass and wait, I told Alistair to lie down with his eyes closed and wait for the fairies to tickle him – which they did and he giggled delightfully.  Then it was my turn to be tickled by the fairies.  After taking it in turns to be tickled we suddenly could fly and flew around the grounds, Alistair even managed to get tangled in some cobwebs as well.  We used ‘Big World Magic’ to make a tree disappear and reappear and turn into a hat.

After nearly two hours of being fairies we felt hungry and thirsty so we went to buy some food and sat watching the boats and the ducks.  There were hundreds of magic feathers to collect for more magic later.


2 Responses to "Fairies in the Belsfield Hotel Bowness"

Love this post, full of the magic of being young, carefree and still able to daydream and “believe”. Sounds like you had a lovely day 🙂

We did thank you, truly magical.

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