Juicy Tomatoes and Smiling Sunflowers!

Posted on: September 24, 2014


My son is thankfully interested in learning all there is to know about everything and appears to have developed his own set of learning objectives that he works on at home.  I once mentioned that I had been a teacher so now he sees me as a very useful resource in his pursuit of knowledge.  I thoroughly enjoy the process of being a hippy teacher at home using everything as a learning opportunity in spontaneous and completely informal ways – the school can do the boring bits.

Leading up to Alistair’s birthday in May we were unsure of the best present to buy for him because quite often they just end up abandoned and forgotten all over the house.  I found this article by Playdale Garden  about gardening with your children which gave me the idea to buy a selection of gardening tools so he could do gardening whenever he liked.  The local garden centre didn’t have children’s versions of tools so he has trowels, forks, etc that will last him for ever.

I am very good at delegating when it comes to Alistair’s home education and never resent anyone for showing him how to do new things.  One of the best bit of delegating is related to gardening as Alistair’s granddad is a very keen gardener and frequently likes to share his pearls of green fingered wisdom with everyone.  So armed with tomato seeds and sunflower seeds my son learnt how to make things grow.!

It is now the end of the season and we have had a continuous supply of juicy tomatoes and three successful sunflowers smiled down at us throughout the summer.  I wonder what delights he will grow next year.


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